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Default Re: Grundig TK24 mystery substance

I think that looks original to me.

I've not noticed it before in these recorders, although I'm sure I've had similar ones opened up in the past.

The thing to do is not to go sucking up dirt from the innards with an ordinary domestic vacuum cleaner, as the filter won't stop the dangerous particles from being distributed into the air throughout your house - do any cleaning and blowing outside away from the house.

The bottom line is don't worry about it too much and don't disturb it, just do what you have to do to the electronics and then put the case back on and leave it alone. As said before, a lot of vintage electronic stuff has asbestos inside it as heat shielding.

As I always say, if this sort of thing really bothers you, then perhaps the 'hobby' is not for you. The bottom line is just be careful and take the necessary precautions as advised when you come across this stuff.
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