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Default Searching for "Lost" TV shows - anyone have a TVBrain Gold subscription?

A while ago I was talking with a friend who recalled some early Scottish television series that they had watched when they were originally broadcast, and would love to see again. They were:
  • The Borderers (1968)
  • Weir of Hermiston (1973?)
  • The Flight of the Heron (1968)
Being too young to have ever seen any of these, my initial thought was to first determine if copies of these shows are even known to exist, as to continue looking otherwise would be a bit of a dead-end. I thought I would do this using (now and I was able to lookup 'The Borderers' on their site and find that the majority of season 1 is known to exist (and indeed it seems that a few episodes are available on YouTube, long may they last before a copyright claim is filed against them!).

Unfortunately TVBrain seems to require a 'Gold Subscription' to access the database for the other two shows, and I'm a bit reluctant to pay a 50 annual subscription just to look up two shows. I don't suppose there is anyone here that has such a subscription and would be willing to lookup both 'Weir of Hermiston' and 'The Flight of the Heron' and see what (if any) episodes are known to exist?
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