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Default Re: AVO Multimeter survey

Hi Ian,

I'll need to come back to you about the 6625-99-949-1853 case.

For now, I can confirm the 9sx with the Test Set No.1 6625-99-105-7050 in the movement also have the 6625-99-949-1853 on the case - doesn't that just add to some confusion!

Regarding the missing badges on some meters, was that ever a button place which was not drilled through? I thought it was a badged popped/pressed/glued into the a round depression rather than a hole. Could that be a scenario?

Also, interestingly the case which one of the 7x meters is in, case NSN 6625-99-949-0464 has another NSN on the case in the form of an embossed label 6625-99-949-1523. I wonder why that would be. The case doesn't look any different to any other 1523 case. So could the case NSN be along the lines of a kit formed inside the case? Not sure, as some of the NSN's are inside the case and not on the front and some are on the front.
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