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Default Re: AVO Multimeter survey

Originally Posted by Superscope View Post
Hi Refugee,

The NATO Stock Number Sinewave gave is for the Actual Avometer Mk VI that should have
been in your Case.
The Case's themselves have their own individual NATO Stock Numbers.

Thanks to Sinwave for the missing Model 8 Mk VI number which I didn't have.

I'm now only missing the Multimeter Test Set No 1 - Mk2 numbers for both the Meter and the Case. The Meter was a Model 8 Mk V, but I don't know if it was different to the one supplied in the Mk 3 Test Set.
I've got serveral NATO versions of the model 8 Mk5.

NSN 6625-99-620-9572 and
NSN 6625-99-650-2823

Not sure which is which or why or whether one or the other makes that a TS No.1 Mk2 or 3. I can't be certain because as we all know, cases do and have been swapped around from time to time.

The only difference I can see in some is that some have the indication to set to OFF and DC for transit and some do not, I assume the older ones do not.

However, I do have some without the OFF and DC instruction which have the same NSN as the ones which do.

I'll try and dig out all of my NATO 8/5's and let you know, as I've received them, the NSN on the meter and whether the case says Mk2 or Mk3.
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