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Default Re: Wiring a desk electric fan.

Originally Posted by Skywave View Post

Yes, I understand that you extended the existing wires from the fan and in so doing changed the colours of the wires to those coming from the fan. However, my analysis was based on your reported resistance readings with those new colours. Simply extending the existing wires - and thus changing the colours of those wires - will have no relevance to the wiring of the fan + switch.

Here's a simple example of how changing the colours of wires is irrelevant. Suppose I have a cable with the following voltages at its ends:
+ 12 v. d..c. = Red
- 12 v. d.c. = Blue
0 v. d.c. = Black.
If I extend those wires such that the Red becomes Orange; the Blue becomes Violet and the Black becomes Green, then I will get:
+ 12 v. d.c. = Orange
- 12 v. d.c. = Violet
0 v. d.c. = Green.
and the colours of the 'original' wires are thus irrelevant.

To me that is obvious: I hope it is to you. I do not wish to insult your intelligence: if indeed it appears that I have, that was not intentional and I apologise accordingly. Perhaps I have mis-understood what you have written immediately above, but I have read it through several times. But I am seriously trying to help.

I fully understand that your wiring diagram was based entirely on the readings I supplied, as opposed to the colouring of the wires, that's why I stated As I'm sure you have appreciated,

The contents that are causing me a modicum of confusion are 1/ that you appear to be of the opinion that this is a modern fan 2/ That it probably doesn't fall into the category of being earthed when the structure is of cast iron and aluminium 3/ Your diagram appears to only cater for four wires emanating from the motor windings when there are five. I use the word appear in the context that perhaps in my limited ability of reading electrical diagrams, I have misread the aforementioned.

There's no need for any form of apologies, although I may not possess the brains of David Lloyd George, or for that matter, the mathematical genius of Albert Einstein, I do appreciate you are trying to be helpful
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