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Arrow Re: Wiring a desk electric fan.

Originally Posted by Lucifer View Post
Thank you for taking the time to relay a methodical and articulate hypothesis of the probable correct wiring of my fan. As I'm sure you have appreciated, the wiring colouring of the 5 core chord I have annexed to the wires emanating from the winding bear no correlation whatsoever to each other. The latter being 4 x black and one brown/white striped, as opposed to grey, brown, blue, black and green// white striped.
Your diagram to me doesn't appear to take into account the brown/white striped wire, now brown emanating from the winding.
Yes, I understand that you extended the existing wires from the fan and in so doing changed the colours of the wires to those coming from the fan. However, my analysis was based on your reported resistance readings with those new colours. Simply extending the existing wires - and thus changing the colours of those wires - will have no relevance to the wiring of the fan + switch.

Here's a simple example of how changing the colours of wires is irrelevant. Suppose I have a cable with the following voltages at its ends:
+ 12 v. d..c. = Red
- 12 v. d.c. = Blue
0 v. d.c. = Black.
If I extend those wires such that the Red becomes Orange; the Blue becomes Violet and the Black becomes Green, then I will get:
+ 12 v. d.c. = Orange
- 12 v. d.c. = Violet
0 v. d.c. = Green.
and the colours of the 'original' wires are thus irrelevant.

To me that is obvious: I hope it is to you. I do not wish to insult your intelligence: if indeed it appears that I have, that was not intentional and I apologise accordingly. Perhaps I have mis-understood what you have written immediately above, but I have read it through several times. But I am seriously trying to help.

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