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Default Re: Wiring a desk electric fan.

According to my battery tester, there is a modicum of power left in both the 4.5 volt batteries that are in my Avometer model 7 Mk. 2, although they have been in the meter for 20 yrs. that I know of. However, I haven't been able to find any life in the meter, ie. no movement on the dial indicator etc. It could be that its just because I haven't a clue how to test whether its working or not.

Whether it takes us any further, I have now been able to attain consistent resistance readings between the wires without fluctuation by setting my digital meter to 2000 ohms, as opposed to 200 ohms.

The readings are as follows:-

Green- Blue 32.9
Green-Black 24.4
Green to grey 12.3
Green -Brown no resistance
Brown-Black no resistance,
Brown- Grey, no resistance
Brown-Blue, no resistance.
Grey-Black 12.3
Grey-Blue 45
Black-Blue 55

I am enclosing primitive diagram of modern switch that was in the fan which was obviously wired up at some stage. There is a lug for a spade connector which I presume had the mains positive wire attached to it and 4 poles which had wires soldered to them. Three of these wires were obviously control speed wires from the winding, the other one may have come from the winding, or it may have been a neutral wire from the mains.
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