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Default Re: VGA2RF an all-in-one solution for PC generated 405

Hi Frank,

I have tried to use it with a laptop but the usual internal Intel GMA graphics chips will not support low pixel clocks. I believe 20Mc is the lowest they can handle. For the French version it works very well with my dated HP 8440p as this uses a 29Mc pixel clock.

What I have tried is to create a different 405 modeline with more horizontal pixels and thus a higher pixel clock. This did actually work but makes handling aspect ratio a little difficult, because you get something like 25:9.

In VLC if I use 4:3 video footage and set the AR to full screen it works very nicely, however, because the image will automatically be fit into the 4:3 AR of the TV set. I can post the modified modeline here I just have to find the file...
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