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Default Re: Philips 22CS1002/05t TV

Hi to all,

Hello Eidolon, basically you need to go through 2 steps : convert the computer's RGB output to PAL, then use a modulator to put the PAL composite signal to an RF channel.

To the best of my knowledge, no modulator encodes RGB + sync to RF directly.

one of our Radiofil forum members published an extensive listing of all modulators, transcoders, coders, etc. useful for analogue TV standards :

From the extensive listing, only these two, MIGHT fill your purpose, (translation) :

Transcoder, RVB to UHF modulator, TV standards K and G / H
CGV PHS 60 Export. Adapted for SECAM K and K' + PAL G/H (40 countries).
Thomson MS90-200. Coder + Modulator, PAL B/G/I for Thomson TO7 computer.
VHF and UHF channels.

These products were made in the 80s, therefore obsolete, so findable only on E-Bay or other second hand sales web sites.

Going the 2 way route, RGB to PAL then PAL to RF will give more choice. For example, PAL to RF modulators can be found today very easily & cheaply.

Other forum members can give you useful advice about finding an RGB + Sync to PAL encoder.

Hopes this helps....

Best Regards
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