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Default Re: Philips 22CS1002/05t TV

I'm trying to compile a list of known models with the sutiable tube. So far I've put this together. I know there are some others missing, such as some Philps K30, K35 & K40 set model numbers, but I'm not having luck finding specific model numbers online. If anyone knows of any more to add, or if there's any errors in the list,I'd appreciate any extra info. The more I know about, the easier it is for me to try and source a replacement. I'm planning on dropping these lists off around the local House Clearance outfits

Sanyo 5133
Amstrad CTV2200
Ferguson TX100 or other Ferguson TX 22” sets
Decca 130
Grundig CUC 22” models
Philips or Pye 22CS1002
Philips 22CS52744
Philips 22cs5755
Fisher FTM656

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