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Default Re: Philips 22CS1002/05t TV

Originally Posted by julie_m View Post
Some VCRs had an AV2 SCART with RGB pass-through to AV1. If AV1 on the VCR is connected to AV1 on the TV set and an RGB source played into AV2 on the VCR, the TV will display this RGB signal.

The purpose of this was to connect a pay-TV decoder, which were popular in some Continental countries. When watching a scrambled programme, the decoder would take in a composite signal from the VCR and output an RGB signal, which would then wend its way to the TV. (The decoder's output being RGB made it difficult to record unscrambled programmes. You could record scrambled programmes all you liked; but if you wanted to lend a tape to a friend, you would have to lend them your decoder as well.)
That wasn't my experience in Germany or Spain.

Canal Plus used Nagravision, scambled. The decoder would receive a composite PAL signal direct from the VCRs tuner, output on a pin of the SCART and would feed a decoded PAL signal back to the video input pin of the scart socket. This picture could then be recorded or simply viewed through the VCR.

The relevant preset on the vcr would be set to 'decoder' on the tuning page, thus automatically switching the decoder into the loop when that preset was called up.

For older equipment with no 2 way SCARTs, a separate unit consisting of a RF modulator, tuner and SCART was available . This went between the decoder and the non- SCART VCR or TV.
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