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Default Re: Philips 22CS1002/05t TV

Thanks, I'm not sure who that is. The 'worth a fortune' myth is something that's been going around for ages now in so many retro circles. I used to buy a lot of video tapes until the myth of their value being high started, and now people ask stupid money for even the most worthless of tat that the charity shops throw away.
I've seen people asking hundreds for small portable CRT TV's on ebay as well, it's ridiculous.

On a different note, does anybody know why RGB flickers when it goes into this set? I currently use a scart-block to plug the various scarts into (although I usually only have one in it at a time - its just more practical that reaching around the back all the time), which goes into an Alba vhs; that then converts the signal to RF, which is plugged into the back of the TV. I'm not sure if the flickering is an issue with the TV or the VCR?
In time, when the set-up is finally complete, I am thinking of replacing the VCR with a dedicated scart-switcher box, a good powered one that autodetects, which will then go to a SCART-RF modulator and then into the TV. I have the new Sinclair ZX Spectrum Next due in a couple of weeks or so, and that only outputs via RGB, so there will be a lot of flicker, that I need to try and find a way to work around. Thanks

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