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Default Re: The "Sussex" Homebrew Valve Tester.

Hi Les
The mosfets I used are BUZ80A's, the control seems to be good with the voltage very close to the the planned voltage steps. It also seems quite good under load of 45 mA the 250 volt setting is 245v.
There are some IFR830B mosfets on ebay, Pk of 2 1.20, one of them is actually sold as Fairchild, would you recommend going for the named one, they are a good bit more expensive. 2.5 each.

I wonder if the fact that I have twisted pairs of wires together, e.g. the wires to the current limit switch, I did this just to help identify them and keep together, could this cause any issues with capacitance etc, is there any particular wires which would be best NOT to twist together.

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