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Smile Re: The NVCF: Time To Move

It is the National Motorcycle Museum, which is off the same junction on the M42 and is only about half a mile from the NEC.

Terry Martini will fill in more details later, but as I understand it they have booked an area to similar size to the NEC hall on the ground floor for the main event. There is an area on the same floor for light refreshments, and another nearby area booked on the complex (I'm not sure where) which will be used as a proper restaurant facility. All visitors benefit from free car parking much closer to the hall. BVWS members can also get reduced price admission to the museum and (I believe) corporate rates at the onsite hotel.

Stallholders will get two chairs per table (at the NEC no chairs were provided). However stallholders will be required to take all their bulky rubbish (boxes, unsold items etc) away and not leave it all over the floor. unfortunately stallholders will not be able to bring their cars into the hall, however there are six entrances around the hall so there should be no problems using trollys. The organisers are aware that a few stallholders may require assistance and are looking into the options here.

Those who attended today will be aware that the NEC did not open the bar in the hall because they felt our event was "too small". We will not have this sort of nonsense from the NMM. Also the car parking at the NEC was 7 today - an increase of 1 from the previous NVCF.

I am aware that some reservations were aired about the NMM in this thread. However I understand that the arrangements that have been made should satisfy most of these. Probably the only one we cannot do anything about is the lack of cash machine onsite.

We are disappointed to have to leave the NEC as in many ways it is an excellent venue for the NVCF. However certain issues (in particular the car parking and the ever-rising hall hire costs) together with an apparent unwillingness by the NEC management to address these, means that the event has to move if it is to survive.

The BVWS committee are confident that the NMM is the right venue for the NVCF. We all appreciate that there may be a few teething problems at the first NMM NVCF, however I'm sure you will be tolerant and will provide constructive criticism.


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