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Default Re: Loft Clearance. Avometers

My personal view is that any old Avo will have some sort of fault on at least some of its ranges, even when working. I would advise giving each one a quick test on a DC voltage range measuring a 9 volt battery, this will at least confirm that the movement is working and that the rest of the meter will probably be repairable. I think that people will just have to accept this if they want to buy one off you. You may struggle to get 20 plus postage for any not working at all, and a lot of people won't want to risk ones that may be partially working, but have faults.

Birketts in Lincoln was selling them fully working with new leads and batteries for 40 over the counter. Last time I looked he had one in the window for 30.

I've got a number of Avos, several of them, although a little bit dodgy on some ranges, do work and I use them regularly, while several are so dodgy that they're unusable. I'll get round to fixing them all one day.

I firmly believe that everyone who does vintage servicing should own an Avometer.
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