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Default Re: Availability of Leaded Solder?

Originally Posted by emeritus View Post
I have seen a tin of lead airgun pellets that includes the warning "This product contains lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects (or other reproductive harm). " While many harmful effects have been attributed to Lead, I can't say I have come across any other references to it causing cancer.
Lead shot is particularly nasty: many waterfowl deliberately ingest gravel and pieces of grit which they retain in their crops to help grind-up the seeds, grains etc. they eat. The effect of them eating lead-shot which then grinds-up in their gizzards can easily be imagined. Swans are particularly susceptible. The use of lead shot when wildfowling on rivers, estuaries and the foreshore has been banned in the UK since the early-2000s.

Moral: keep that roll of Savbit away from any swans/ducks/geese/chickens you may have!
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