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I've just gone looking for a 'typical' modern green dual display with a view to working out how it could be modified to fit in place of a Cybernet display, and I came across this Kingbright twin green seven segment display on Farnell.

What's odd about this is that it is depicted as having decimal points but it only has 2 * 8 pins on a 0.1" / 2.54mm matrix like the Cybernet display, and, although it is drawn in a different way the pinout is exactly the same as the Cybernet display. The characters are 10mm high (same as the original Cybernet display).

The outside dimensions of the Kingbright display are very slightly smaller so it will fit inside the chassis cutout through which the original display usually pokes.

What I don't get is how / where the connections to the decimal points are to be found, but if it does not really have decimal points, so much the better.

I may order one of these through work and sound it out as a possible green replacement.

Edit: Argghh! Just noticed - 'No Longer Manufactured'.

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