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Default Re: Hedghog standards converter

Originally Posted by Superscope View Post
Hi Frank,

Yes, they are all fairly Modern Mid 70's TV's.
Two of them are colour, the CX-500 and the CX-60.
The Cx-60GB actually does display the best out of all of them,
the Picture is stable, viewable but very noisy! No sound though!

I guess it boils down to whether the UK used 625 Line VHF,
or JVC sold incompatible 625 Line VHF Equipment in the UK?
This is what I was hoping somebody on the Forum might be able
to shed some light on.
Those two sets along with the CX610GB (which I bought for DXing back then and still have) were useful for DXing as they are PAL/Secam BG/I/DK.
You cannot call them incompatible with the UK. They just happened to have extra frequency bands not used in the UK.

The majority of digital TVs now sold still have analogue facilities including VHF but cannot be called incompatible.
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