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Default Re: T-cut recipe change

I got some of the red can stuff from Tesco a few months back in a clearance sale.

But just bought some more last week via eBay for a project im working on. Buffing up polyurethane after final denibbing.

It seems there's a lot of people not using it properly based on the youtube videos you see...

Not sure if others concur, but after much experimenting, I've found the best way to use it is to apply it lightly, wait till its entirely dried, which does take a long time.

Then buff with a clean cloth, with moderate force. Too little and it doesn't come off, too much and you scratch the surface more.

With bigger areas it's easy to get caught, the cloth gets saturated and you can be left with tar like smears, or worse, new scratches. So it seems important to use a fresh piece of cloth on small sections when buffing off large areas..
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