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Hi I have got a circuit diagram .and all v are as listed good .I think that my problem if the Toshiba tmp 8355p as only 2 buttons on the front panel are working.the amp the speaker relay is working. The amplifier only works with the pre in with a good sound. I can only turn but no up or down volume .so if you no how to reset tmp chip it may set it right. I am going to buy another 5000 for the parts .but if I could get the tmp working. It would save me 40. The front panel and display only half work . I have tracked it back to the main computer chip .as I do not have a scope.thr trace ends there. Anyway I have gone on long enough. Can you be a bit more in detail about what you said .all the best to you Lawrence
For the front panel buttons issue, have you checked the flexible lead between the panel and the main PCB? This is a very common problem and is nearly always caused by the flexible connection lead de-laminating due to it flexing over the years, which breaks the contacts between the front panel and the main board.

It can be replaced easily enough with a length of IDC ribbon cable.
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