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Default Majestic 90B. Bringing a Dinosaur back to life.

This is a Majestic 90b I purchased from Bill as an unfinished project , all the hard work had been done as was looking great , I just had the electronics to sort out , all coils and chokes/transformers checked out OK , two of the smoothing capacitors read low so I decided to replace all four in the massive block ,I had some paper ones rated at 600 volts just managed to squeeze them in, there are only five fixed resistors in the eight valve/tube set I replaced two which had gone high, also replaced the capacitors in five small steel cans ,the speaker was totally stripped and re painted being very careful with Cadmium coating a replacement energising coil was fitted supplied by Bill ,the connecting wire was perishing so replaced it with a piece which I had saved (it will come in handy one day) and so it did a perfect replica , note the massive tuning capacitor cover it housed a five gang capacitor, The set works very well at the HF end but a bit flat at the LF end , will investigate later ,that's it for now I see the paint stripper has just arrived for the cabinet it is a border line case but I think I need to strip it . Mick.
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