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Default Re: CRT Rejuvenation orientation

Yes Glyn. Sometimes for a minute or less after reactivation the screen would flash up bright for a few split seconds and then stabilize. It was just bits of dust from the cathode getting trapped and 'pushed' out of the way.

The early 30AX tubes were diabolical but Mullard sorted the problem and the Mk2 versions were excellent with a very long life and one of the best colour pictures.

I never had much luck with Sony tubes particularly the early 27" 2704 series. Every example that came my way was completely flat and a few suffered from an O/C filament on one gun. One of the worst tubes ever produced that failed within 4 years and I was quoted 400 by Sony for a replacement.

The other horror was the 29" tube used in the model that suffered from a dry joint frame chip. The model with the rounded back and weighed a ton. John
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