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Default Re: GEC Junior Fineline - yet another fault.

Top Cap, I have checked the steel frame as suggested, and reflowed all of the solder points. I also found the ground strap to the tuner was open circuit, only held together by the outer sleeve so have replaced this also. But sadly no change.

Unfortunately I feel the end may be in sight for this set as the main PCB has had so many repairs and previous repairs and bodges done to it, it is starting to be in a bit of a sorry state.
Many PCB tracks are bridged with its of wire or lots of solder, or just missing entirely and bits of wire used instead. It has gotten to the state where I dont feel it will ever be a reliable set.

May be a long shot, but I will try a wanted post for a replacement PCB. Maybe somebody out there has one with a duff tube or smashed case. As I type this I am wondering if the PCB drawings exist anywhere? I could easily get one made if I could get hold of tracking drawings.
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