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Default Re: CRT Rejuvenation orientation

I have never placed a tube other than conventionally when using a booster. It's all a matter of a gentle approach but I very much doubt if the position of the tube makes any difference..
Some but not all reactivators blast the cathode to bits literally! I bought a new professional booster due to old Bertha looking a bit of a Heath Robinson affair and I sometimes used it with customers present. The new one destroyed every tube I tested! [Don't ask me for the make and model] I have a very old tester/rejuvenator that I call Bertha. She is very kind and never damages a tube. It was built by an unknown telly guy from an article in Practical Television December 1957.
I must have been back in the 60's when I discovered it in a skip around the back of an old radio shop that was being demolished.
A correctly reactivated tube will probably last for years. Regards, John.
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