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Default GEC Junior Fineline - yet another fault.

This set has been used little but often. Itís main use is for me to watch a bit of news while I have breakfast at the kitchen table so tends to be on for about 20 minutes a day.
However, yesterday evening I sat at the kitchen table to do a small job and decided to put the telly on. I was greeted with the left half of the picture on the right hand side of the screen and vice-versa. Along with this the image was quite distorted with straight lines not being very straight. Deciding this would be more interesting than my planned task, I picked it up and took it out to my workshop.

When I put it on in the workshop the horizontal frequency was off, but not so far that I couldnít correct it with the hold control. Now the image was as it should be, but adjusting the brightness or contrast now changes the horizontal frequency, and the picture is sort of wavy. Itís like watching it on a flag blowing in the breeze if that analogy makes any sense to anybody out there. It was at this point I left it and went back to what I should have been doing all along.

As this forum has been so helpful with past faults, I was wondering, can any of the experts on here shed light on what may be happening here? Itís not something I have seen before, but I have little experience compared to many on here.

Thanks in advance.
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