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Default Re: My first valve radio project - Philips 462A

If you remove the rectifier valve from the valve holder and then measure the heater connections in the valve holder what what is the A.C. voltage.

As it won't have the superimposed rectified DC voltage it should measure the 4 Volts A.C.

Though EXTREME caution is need if this is carried out as the transformer anode connections will be at the peak high tension secondary voltage of over 300 Volt A.C.

It could be that the rectifier valve has a partial short circuit.

It might be useful if you took a few pictures of the work you have carried out, what type of capacitors where fitted as the main smoother and reservoir.

With all valves removed the heater voltage to the other valve holders and pilot bulbs should be 6.3 Volts A.C.
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