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Default Re: Roberts RT7 - problem

No Maplins in St Albans, nearest Luton. Only 12 miles but I needed fixings and Maplins want 6 against 1.95 at Screwfix, and I had assumed the bigger lump was beneficial in terms of power. Thanks for some numbers Steve did you mean 2U2R160 150 doesnt show its the same value anyway.
How about an equivalent for the .04uf value would something higher suit?

Wont know voltages across the OC81s really until a proper battery is on, but I will check.

Surprised to learn the little PP3s would last longer than the big lump. How about doubling up on the mAmp/hrs by putting two PP3s in parallel? Plenty of room!
Could a transformer (or whatever - like the in car chargers for mobiles) be used to step down from 12v dc external supply? If so what and how?

Rather than change one at a time, Im with Grommet on renewing for certainty, but is there any likelihood of the resistors causing trouble? Lots of them little devils in there.

Better send before I think of another batch to bother everyone with!

Cheers - Derek
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