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Hi all

I went on Saturday (got there a bit early and ended up kicking my heels for half an hour while they thought about opening up!) and spent about a tenner on bits from Birketts and got some 2 Meggers from a guy at the flea market for 50p each as well as a military pulse generator (which just looked cool!) and an un-built CDP1802 microcomputer trainer for a quid (silent key stuff he said). Then from a stall a few tables away I got a big box full of Pye PCBs for a couple of quid.

Also some caps from one of the other traders and a bag of bits for a couple of quid which yielded some decent germanium trannies. Then I bought a boat anchor Advance sig gen (10 from the indoor valve guy opposite Birkett's) which I thought would be a step up from my 'Test Gear Acton' but actually has less range and is twice as big!!

If it helps anybody to identify me (after the event!) I had a red Alfa Romeo jacket on..
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