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Default Re: Any other plug collectors out there?

Originally Posted by TonyDuell View Post
I've certainly seen (and may still have) those Legrand 'slim' plugs in bright red plastic.

I had one of those Loblite adapters, but the bakelite-type plastic broke up in the end. I think I got if from Tandy, so it wasn't _that_ old by the standards of this group.
I've got Legrand plugs in Green (with sleeved pins), Yellow (unsleeved pins, came fitted to a Lava Lamp), and a scruffy Grey example (again with sleeved pins, on a welder. The trend for coloured plugs is briefly mentioned in this article on the Woolworths Electrical Counter. Woolworths Electrical accesories would be worth a thread on their own, since I'm sure many of us over a certain age remember childhood visits to Woolies and having to be dragged away from the Electrical Counter by parents, or being bought plugs etc, by Grandparents.
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