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Default Re: Back panal repair

Originally Posted by Boom View Post
Modern matting would not look right on a vintage set.

If it was me I would cut the damaged section away completely and leave a square hole to be filled with part of an old back cover then Araldite it in place. Most of these vintage sets use very similar material.
I'd not thought of patching with an old back that is a good idea, I think for this one being very small the idea was it would hold it all together as other areas are damaged too.

Originally Posted by merlinmaxwell View Post
Well, it's not original or period, nevertheless a reversible, neat and safe repair. I like it.
It not a 'special' radio (maybe they're all special) and it's not visible so I'm not too bothered about it being original and as you say easily reversible.

I've not looked at the best way to attach it yet, I'll probably use a few blobs of Araldite.

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