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Default Re: Bush Dual standard chassis.

Originally Posted by slidertogrid View Post

I was surprised to find this set is fitted with a valve UHF tuner as it is surely a later model having the PCB IF and timebase and direct vision tube. I am sure the tuner was fitted when the set was built as the model number is RU. Rental UHF? Maybe Rank had some valve tuners left over and used them on the cheaper rental model?

The set has had a few varied repairs in the past the rear controls have been changed and I don't know what that big capacitor hanging on the smoother is for? all part of its history I suppose?!
It was not uncommon to find valve UHF tuners fitted in "second generation" dual standard mono sets. The TV135R would have been made around 1964-5 and used the same "NSF132" (German) UHF tuner factory fitted in the TV125 series. Certainly, the Thorn 900 chassis used (factory fitted) valve UHF tuners at first.

Those rear customer accessible controls were awful - easily damaged, but much cheaper than the lovely Plessey moulded track type used in the preceding Bush TV chassis over many years. The TV135R controls are very similar to the ones used in the Murphy Astra series.
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