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Default Re: Charterhouse March 11th & 12th online auction.

Yes to be honest I thought the same, what collector wants a selection of 10 old radios? You may like one or two in the batch but then you have another eight to get rid of! It's no wonder that sets appear on ebay a few days later.
I only had a quick browse but I thought a lot of it was a bit rough and also a lot of the radios were nothing special .

It's also miles too far away for me. I don't know if the travel restrictions would allow driving that far for a hobby? I suppose you could lie if you got stopped?
Being not too far from the seaside it is possible checks will be made. The local paper reported the police were questioning day trippers to Hunstanton recently and I suppose the car registration number will tell them where you live?
A couple of the tellies are quite nice though....

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