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Default Re: Smiths Sectric Wall Clock De Luxe Movement

Originally Posted by JaySpark View Post
Hi Mike

Many thanks and also for the correction on Sectric!
You're welcome!
I think Iíll strip it completely, wash all parts, apart from the motor as you suggest. Them reassemble with oiling the pivot points with a tiny drop of engine oil on each and some sewing machine on the rotor pivot as you say.

Can I ask, is sewing machine oil better than clock oil for the rotor on this type of clock?
Yes. Clock oil is made so it doesn't "run" - i.e. it needs to stay in the same place, whereas the rotor in a clock needs oil that can reach all parts of the bronze bearing and many of these are sintered - the bronze is made from a powder and acts a bit like a sponge.

Thanks, Paul, for the accolade!
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