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Default Re: Plastic or ceramic ICs?

Originally Posted by emeritus View Post
Just checked a data sheet for the basic SN5400/ 7400 as published in a TI book from 1973. The only differences in the electrical parameters are the supply voltage tolerance previously mentioned and the slighly higher short circuit output current of the 5400 at its max supply voltage, no doubt accounted for by the fact that the 5400 has a slightly higher max supply voltage than the 7400.
That's interesting since no such differences seem to exist in between the plastic (B) and ceramic (BD) versions of the HEF4000 series. The electrical and temperature ratings are identical.

That said, there was allegedly a slightly different LOCMOS family (the HEC series) which also had ceramic packaging and were specified as having a slightly wider temperature range. However I've never seen any of these in the wild and an erstwhile colleague suspected that none were ever actually made.
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