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Default Smiths Sectric Wall Clock De Luxe Movement


Iím new here and after finding your site, reading some posts and hearing your wealth of knowledge, I thought Iíd hop in and see if you can help!

I have been tasked with looking into why a friends Smiths Sentric Wall clock is running slow. Some days itís as much 20 mins others itís 5 mins it varies.

Ive been searching around and believe the movement to be a De Luxe (but please correct me if Iím wrong) I have no knowledge of clock repairs electric or mechanical but, I am an electrician and also very interested in repairing all sorts of items, mainly to see how they work and also why they stopped! Just love the way things ďuseĒ to be made!!!

Ive attached a few photos below so hopefully someone may be able to answer if what I feel could be the problem
1, There appears to be quite a lot of thick grease (beige colour) on both of the worm gears. Is this too much grease?
2, Should this grease be cleaned and fresh grease applied? If so, any recommendations for a type of grease?
3, As it is apart, I was going to oil the pivot points. Am I right in thinking there is really two on this movement?

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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