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Default Amplion HU610. Power problem.

Hello to all. I was hoping I might have some of the Forum Members thoughts on the following. A week or so, I enquired on this Forum about a barretter for this radio. A Forum Member pointed me in the right direction in order to procure a barretter. While I was waiting for it to come, I used a spare 210 Ohm resistor (probably 6 or 8 Watt) across the heater? pins of where the barretter would be. I powered the radio up, through the Variac and Lamp Limiter. At 120 Volts across mains into radio, the Lamp Limiter began to just start to glow. The radio was going well, with good sound. I left it on for about 45 minutes. The aforementioned resistor got quite hot, but didn't seem to be stressed. When the barretter came, I replaced the resistor with it. Now!!! When the voltage reached 145 Volts, the Lamp Limiter began to glow. The maximum volume now, was about half what it was with the resistor, and the sound was more woolly. I changed 'that' capacitor, but no difference. (in sound quality) Also; when I put Signal Generator on V1 cap (465 HZ) there is no output. Yet, when I connect SG to Arial lead, the signal is audible. I have substituted V1, but no change. I am also wondering, am I too sensitive about the Lamp Limiter 'glow' or should I power up some more and see what happens. I hope all this makes sense, and would be glad to read any comments. All the best. John.

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