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Default Fastener Terminology Guide Retaining Rings & Washers

Before filing this guide in its proper place (please don't ask), I thought it might be useful to scan it to help answer the questions which quite frequently arise on the forum about the correct name for types of fasteners.

The full title is "Assembly & Fastener Methods No.2 Permament Fasteners, Retaining Rings, Washers" and dates from around 1965,the time when many of these components were being used on equipment of interest in this forum.

The "Permanent Fasteners" are rivets of all kinds and this section includes three pages on riveting practice.

I've scanned the whole document, including advertisements because these contain some useful pages and some which will be of historical interest, if only for their amusement value.

The overall file size is too big to attach here but I've included a couple of sample pages to show what is contained. If this is of interest to anyone, I can arrange to get the whole file to you.

If anyone has the first part "Fastener Terminology No 1" Threaded Fasteners, I would be interested in that.

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