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Originally Posted by Timbucus View Post
I wonder what the code does as it is not either of the SCIOS image (V1 or V2) copies that would be at 0200...
I have a feeling both the VDU and the MK14 in this case are Czech (Martin L) replicas so the ROM images will be absent. Perhaps it's being used with one of ML's RAM expansion / PROM to EEPROM converter daughterboards, as in here:-

The page is in Czech but any browser will offer to translate it, or there are various flags to click on at the top of the right hand column. I know this has been mentioned before in related threads, it is included here again for anyone who comes looking for info relating specifically to the MK14 VDU.

One of these expansions would be an essential companion for the VDU, I'm sure that will have been his main motive for producing that add on - but of course it can only work with an issue V - real or replica, or with earlier issue machines which have been modified to remove the PROM images from 0200-07FF.
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