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Nice find on the Video Sirius - I wonder what the code does as it is not either of the SCIOS image (V1 or V2) copies that would be at 0200 - it does seem to be a primitive disassembler code listing tool running - and I am sure I have seen one of those in a magazine somewhere but, can't find it again.

Karen O - There is a good description on the multiprocessor function in the May 1979 Elektor in the article before NIBL-E:


Sheet 38 of the PDF - Page 5-34

I have all the parts now to make a VDU but, I really need to build an issue V board as my JMP Issue 1 will be harder to use with it because of the memory decoding and lack of solder pads on the lower side. The V5.5 board design from Slothie is promising in that regard with the actual routing for all the pins.
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