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Default Re: Blaupunkt CR43 Pre-out

Can I also ask a related question?

I have a blaupunkt Memphis with the same DIN output for an EQ or amp too. All of their equipment from this era annoyingly had only one output, but I have two Blaupunkt amps to connect.

I'm pretty sure the DIN is 7 and not 8 pin, but need to get it right as I wanted to make a splitter box. Can someone confirm these connections:

1- left front
2- signal ground
3- left rear
4- right front
5- right rear
6- ground
7- 12V switched

I lifted this from a schematic of a Blaupunkt BEQ 80 I have my eye on buying, but want to sense check this as I'm assuming Blaupunkts of this era all used 1 proprietary configuration...?
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