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Default Re: Another unusual plug and some other questions

Regarding progression I can give my experience of this, which is not a lot. My grandparents house which was built in the early 1900s and presumably had electricity installed later only had two sockets in the whole house, a 2 pin 5a in the kitchen which looked like a tumbler switch with the socket on the top and a two pin 15a upstairs.

The house I was brought up in was built about 1937 and had 2 pin 5a and 2 pin 15a plugs, the houses the other side of town had Wylex plugs.

Just after the war, probably about 48/49 a new large council estate was built near us and was universally fitted with the 13a fused pin plugs centre picture.

Some houses of the period did have 3 pin plugs but I think it depended on the price of the house more than anything whether you got 2 or 3 pin plugs.

My grandparents house had ceramic fuse carriers house in a nice wooden box with a glass front. Ours had metal clad boxes with the exception of the lighting box which if I remember correctly was a MEM whith a knob on the front that pulled the fuse carrier out to switch the supply off.

All these houses were in the Bromley area.

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