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Default Re: KB FB10 "Toaster"

Originally Posted by westcliff View Post
The smoothing capacitors are definitely okay. Would a bad solder joint at either end of these capacitors cause humming?.
Yes most definately!

Originally Posted by westcliff View Post
I'm asking because the capacitors were not easy for me to fit, being axial. I didn't have any tag strips and the capacitors are "floating", with relatively long connections covered in heat-shrink tubing. Possibly not my finest work.
These should be easy enough to fit? Once the set is removed from the cabinet, remove the speaker and the capacitors are usually mounted in a clip against the chassis. In one of these sets, I did have to remove the wavechange switch to get to the fixing bolt but it was no big deal and probably took no more than half an hour. I restuffed the old can (which took longer than replacing the can) simply because there was nowhere suitable to mount axials neatly.

Sounds like you just need to check your connections around the smoothing caps. Sorted!!

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