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Ok guys, sorry for the confusion. Here's a new list of whats left, splitting does seem to be the best way i can appreciate people have storage issues as well and have no need for all of this.

7623A Oscilloscope Storage Mainframe (with fitted plugins below) Not splitting at the moment. 125
7A18A Dual Trace Amplifier
7A26 Dual Trace Amplifier
7B53A Dual Timebase

7B53A Dual Timebase 25 Believed to be working, not fully tested
7B80 Timebase 25 Not tested, working condition unknown
7B85 Delaying Timebase 25 Not tested, working condition unknown

7603 Oscilloscope Mainframe 20 Needs attention with beam intensity, can get horizontal sweep with timebase fitted. Rest untested.

7A13 Differential Comparator ***SOLD***
7A13 Differential Comparator ***SOLD***
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