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There is still demand for good analogue scopes, and at prices that make them worth selling.

I recently found myself with too many 7000 series and other scopes, and had success disposing of them in online auctions. The key to getting good prices (200+) seemed to be being prepared to ship them internationally (double-boxed, lots of foam/bubble wrap/whatever) and being able to demonstrate them working properly. A 10-minute movie on YouTube running through the operations doesn't take long to make and upload.

There are many countries which, unlike the UK, don't have a lot of good old test gear lying around, so being prepared to export it makes a difference. I certainly found, from a straightforward business perspective, that investing the time in demonstrating that the scopes were in good shape, and advertising and packing them properly, paid off financially. I do appreciate that not everyone can afford the time, though.

What's going on in the workshop?
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