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Default Tek 7000 Series

Hi all
Its time for the Tek 7000 scopes and plugins to find a new home.
Really its a job lot as can't store it any longer.
Asking 350 for the lot.


7623A Is fully working as far as I'm aware, used to be used on the bench up until recently.
7603 Working but needs some TLC.
Its all in good condition. I can't verify working condition of modules that aren't in the 7623A. But I'm sure they work.
Collection Fareham area southcoast UK.
Details as below.

7A26 Dual Trace Amplifier
7A13 Differential Comparator
7B85 Delaying Timebase
7B53A Dual Timebase
7B80 Timebase

7623A Oscilloscope Storage Mainframe (with fitted plugins)
7A18A Dual Trace Amplifier
7A13 Differential Comparator
7B53A Dual Timebase

7603 Oscilloscope Mainframe
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