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Default Re: Radiophile Auction - Gnosall 22nd July

Originally Posted by Mark James View Post
I could not agree more. I have never seen the traders who are purchasing/selling many of the lots help with setting up or clearing up. The work is done by volunteers and the traders are making the money! For them not to step forward at this juncture would be a disgrace.

Best is pal a couple of auctions ago at Gnosall the main man who buys all the valves was supping Peroni lager hiding behind one of the pillars as he normally does & did'nt help in the slightest despite the snow,yet at the next sale
at Cotes Heath he did'nt attend but had placed bids on "certain" auction lots of valves which i would'nt mind thinking he had been informed of the certain lots to bid on,i fully understand Chas wanting best prices for lots of valves,but this certain person has no "ethos" to the sale & is just exploiting Chas as a "cash cow" who does not let any body else have a look in at bidding at valves, he was even whining to Chas at the Gnosall sale in December about what he paid (as if he dont make enough!!!) ,not good & if only Chas could see the smoke for the mirrors & if it was me i would "f**k him off" as he contributes nothing at all but,grab-grab-grab,a very selfish & greedy individual,no names needed.

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