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Default Re: Radiophile Auction - Gnosall 22nd July

I could not attend the last auction as i very recently moved QTH up to Cumbria & have had too much going on recently in my life otherwise i would of attended but we all got an email explaining why..basically Chas asked for volunteers to help out at the forthcoming sale on the 22nd July,not one single volunteer & yet again the usual suspects (especially those that rule the waves & make 1000's of pounds out of valves) failed to volunteer,just like they fail to help pack up etc which i have witnessed on many occasions for the past 10 years of auctions that i have attended,hope it comes to bite them in the butt one day when their cash cow has gone,shame they cannot repay Chas with a little help with all the money they make out of the auctions he organises,yet i see the usual ones with valves they have purchased at ludicrous asking prices on ebay,no ebay seller names needed as i think most will know the ones that i am referring to,sad,very sad!! in my opinion they should be ashamed of themselves as Chas & Jo are getting on now & are very nice genuine people who should not be taken for granted,common respect & a little help in their time of life is all it needs! as otherwise i would not blame them at all if they packed in soon,lets face it who else at their age in life could be bothered as most should & would be well retired by now,just Chas's passion for the hobby keeps him going i am sure.

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