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Default Revox A77 with Faults Help Please


I Became a member of the Vintage Radio because i have a Revox A77 with a few Faults, im ok with a Soldering iron and i can read a drawing, im a sparky by trade.
i was wondering if you could shed any light on a fault i have

revox A77 Mk 4 1977
it plays in a fashion, music comes out of both speakers when played through a Amp
When i try and record, i get only one vu meter to move (Right Hand)
the lights come on the VU meters to say there recording
But nothing records to the Tape.
if there is existing music on the tape, it wipes it during the recording but nothing is there on play back.

if any one is near Derbyshire im happy to pay someone who can set it up and sort it for me

Thank You Neil
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