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Default Re: Uher CR 210 Cassette Recorder Check Out

Thanks to your detailed info located R67, on my Service Sheet it has a special resistor symbol, I guess it is some sort of fusible/protection resistor. Strange about the shorting issue.

Strange the Tantalum capacitors being in the diode positions. When I originally stripped my CR 210 I found diode D12 (also a BA181) had one leg lifted/not connected, this diode is shorted out/grounded by rel a1 relay contact when relay rel A is energised.

The attached scan from the CR 210 Operating Instructions manual has information at 6.8 on the Accessories connector pin 6 connection. It has an erroneous English translation of "sub-standard films".

A straight Google Translate of the first German sentence in the manual -

Mit Ihrem Cassettengerät besitzen Sie die Möglichkeit, synchrone, impulsgesteuerte Schmalfilm vertonungen durchzoführen.

gives -

With your cassette player you have the option of synchronous, impulse-controlled cine film dubbing.

So do not know how "sub-standard films" translation was derived.

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