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Default Re: Uher CR 210 Cassette Recorder Check Out

Aha! That solves that mystery - one broken wire goes to the top of a2, the other end goes to 603 by my diagram. There are two wires on that contact because one goes to the board connection, the other to track 4 on the tape head.

The middles of a2 and a3 are the central contacts of the switch icons by the tape heads. I've been checking continuity by manually moving the relays, and that was the last piece of the puzzle.

See attached - no wonder there's confusion! This is the socket numbering on my diagram, and this is a snip from your PDF which is the same. L-R it's 601-604 red; 605-608 black and 609-614 grey.

Solenoid/relay "a" was fluttering as though it were on the edge of engaging when the play direction had relay "b" engaged. This stopped with freeze spray around the bottom left of board 700. There's a transistor there, but this is not shown on my service sheet as the layout is different.

The pause problem was simply the sprung contact on the back of the operating joystick being out of shape so it didn't contact the joystick.

Did you get your coloured drawing from SDS? I got my manual and diagrams there, but they didn't ask for a serial number. They did for my CR 240 to make sure I got the right edition of the diagrams.

I'll stop there as I've massively hijacked your thread. I'm very grateful for that painstaking work, thank you. I have no idea how the Uher factory solderers ever made all these tiny connections. It's possible, as I've replaced two of the wires now (with USB cable innards), but not easy. No wonder they were expensive machines. If you break any, send it my way and I'll resolder them for you by way of recompense.
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